Apple MacBook 2018 : These are the Major Updates

Apple is likely to unveil new MacBook series in the event on June 04. WWDC is scheduled at San Jose Convention Center, California. Just a few days before an event 13 inch MacBook Pro models are unavailable for fast delivery. Instead, they will get delivered on June 07, exactly 3 days after the event. This is the reason why we are expecting few hardware changes in the MacBook series, along with the regular software updates on June 04. If you are planning to buy a MacBook just hold until the WWDC 2018.

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We all are aware of Apple’s butterfly switch keyboards used in MacBook series and are too delicate to handle. And this is the major issue we have with the MacBook. Apple would always want to fix this issue as soon as possible, to make users happy. Though WWDC is the software-focused event, it is a golden opportunity for Apple to come up the solution for the butterfly switch keyboards.

The major expected changes in the MacBook design are the bezel-less display and the touch type of keyboard. According to the reports, Apple has recently filed a patent for the new touch type of keyboard. Instead of physically pressing the keys you will just require touching a button in new keyboard. Ideally speaking the touch keyboard is just another screen with touch enabled. We would like to see the MacBook with two screens.

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Another major change we could see in the MacBook is Apple using its own customized processor instead of Intel’s next-generation processor. Apple is been developing and using its own chips in iPhones and iPads. Going forward we won’t be surprised if Apple is using its own processor in MacBook.

As per the rumors Apple is also working on the iPads to bring iPhone X like edge-to-edge display. Apple could come with updated iPad Pro version in the WWDC 2018 on June 04. More than 5000 developers across the world are expected to join the event.

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