Future of Smartphone: Vivo Apex or Vivo Nex ?

Vivo’s concept phone from Mobile world congress 2018 is all to be in a reality. Vivo Apex had got a lot of attention in the event because of it bezel-less screen. Company has not yet revealed the details of phones, but reports have claimed to have 5.99 inches screen with around 91% screen to body ratio. It is highest ever in the smartphone history. Vivo Apex could be branded as Vivo Nex.

The reason why Vivo Apex is been so popular since its appearance is the half of the screen supports the fingerprint scanning. Yes, there is no physical fingerprint scanner in the Vivo Apex, simply touch lower half of screen and it will scan your finger and identify you.

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The selfie camera is been shifted to the top of the phone and it will pop-up whenever required. Reports have claimed that there may be at least two version of Vivo Apex. One will have the pop-up selfie camera While other will have the selfie camera at its chin like MI MIX. Pup-up selfie camera could support the 8 MP sensor for better quality.

Vivo Apex is expected to launch on June 12 with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor at its core. We have seen different companies trying different positions and shapes of a fingerprint scanner to enhance the user experience and to get more space for the screen on the front. But putting it under the display is the best position as you get all screen phone and you don’t need to reach the back of the phone to unlock it. Toshiba G900 was the first one to have a fingerprint scanner in a phone, and now Vivo X21 is the one who is having the In-Display fingerprint scanner. With this useful innovation, Vivo is joining the list of inventors in the industry like Apple, Samsung and OnePlus.

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