These Features You Could Miss in Google Pixel 3

Google is expected to launch next series of Google pixel phones in next quarter this year. Along with the pixel 3, we are also expecting to have a Google pixel 3 XL.

Leaked pictures of Google pixel 3 might be disappointing the people who are expecting to have a great screen to body ratio just like recently launched Oneplus 6. It still has a broad chin below the screen in the era of bezel-less display phones, which is not the expectation from flagship killer. If rumors are true then it also has a notch on top like iPhone X.

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There are two front cameras surrounded by the notch on top. Sensors and secondary speaker mounted in between these cameras. The main speaker is shifted to the bottom of the phone. Length of notch looks large as it has to occupy two big front cameras and it could be another disappointment in the design of the phone.

Unfortunately, there is no big change at the back of the phone. It still has a single camera setup mounted on the left top of the phone. We know Google pixel 2 has the best smartphone camera. But people would like to have a dual camera for better results.

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Fingerprint scanner has its own place at the back. But the industry has got the new standard of having In-display fingerprint scanner like Vivo X 21 and MI 8 Explorer edition. It might be another feature you have to compromise for Google pixel 3. Rounded Google branding is still there on the back.

This time we might have a glass back replacing the metal one. And it again started rumors of having wireless charging, but there is no confirmation yet. With no bezel-less display no In-display fingerprint scanner and no dual rear camera at the back, Google pixel 3 might struggle in the market in the price range.

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