Qualcomm Announces New Processors for Mid-Range Phone

The No. one mobile processor manufacturer and provider company Qualcomm has announced yet another set processor at Mobile World Congress 2018 in Shanghai. Don’t worry, the Snapdragon 845 still tops the list of Qualcomm’s most powerful mobile processors. The company has come with redesigned 400 and 600 series processor considering the growth of mid-range smartphones in the market.

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Snapdragon 429

Snapdragon 429 is upgraded version of Snapdragon 425; it is 25% faster and more power efficient. It supports the 720p screen resolution and dual 8 + 8 MP rear cameras or single 16 MP camera. It is now a better option for the low-end mid-range phones.

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Snapdragon 439

Snapdragon 439 supports the high-resolution 1080p screen. It also supports the dual 8 + 8 MP cameras or just single 21 MP camera. It is upgraded version of older Snapdragon 430. New 439 processor is also 25% more powerful and consumes less battery.

Snapdragon 632

Snapdragon 600 series is mostly used in the budget phones. Old Snapdragon 626 is now updated to the new Snapdragon 632. It supports the high-resolution 1080p screen. Also, we can assemble the dual 13 + 13 MP rear camera or a single camera up to 24 MP sensors. It supports 4K video recording and advanced X9 LTE modem.

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All these processors support AI which is been the center point of marketing these days. Now, Qualcomm will cover most of the budget rage smartphone taking over the affordable MediaTek processors. These new processors are not the best in series, but at least mobile manufactures got more options to choose. The good part of it is that all the processors are pin compatible with its old version. Means mobile companies can easily adopt the new processors without any change in design.

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